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Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud Accounting Software – Whereby all programs and data are accessed via the internet will cut costs and improve efficiencies for all small and medium Not-for-Profit organisations.

Cloud Accounting Software allows staff, committee members and external advisers to access data at any time, allowing the organisation reports and information to be readily available for meetings and discussion.

External advisers such as auditors can carry out audit checks through-out the year rather than one end of year after the event visit. It is anticipated that the shift to cloud accounting software will reduce professional and audit fees by approximately 20% pa.

The ability to work from any PC, laptop, iPad etc with internet access, together with unlimited users for a fixed monthly fee, allows the organisation to expand and grow without the normal computer server, software restraints.

Other Cloud Software Integration

The utilisation of other cloud software which may cover; transfer of data and files, working papers, human resource procedures, membership interaction, membership tracking and fund raising will maximise the positive impact of the organisation for members and the community.

Electronic working papers and lodging business activity statements on line will improve efficiency and reduce staff time. We recommend Xero Workpapers.

In today’s electronic age an organizations website is central to marketing and engaging with members and volunteers. A responsive call to action website which adapts to mobile phones, ipads and tablets is now required. Integrity Online is recommended.

Many IT support services can now be provided online which improves the service and reduces cost as well. We recommend 3Dynamics who provide an excellent service.

In Australia employees of Not-for-Profit organizations can legally reduce tax payable by packing their salary with cars and other benefits. We recommend SupaNova vehicle leasing.

Employment law, staff issues and the use of sub-contractors can be problematic. We recommend Enable HR. Enable HR provide a full online human resources system.

Meaningful and constant engagement with members and volunteers is crucial for every Not-for-Profit organization. Wild Apricot provide a complete cloud solution which we recommend.

Cloud Software is normally paid for as monthly fee and can be as low as $30.00 per month which provides an unlimited number of users.

As the programs and the data are accessed via the internet usually there is no requirement to engage costly 3rd party computer experts to establish, load or maintain the data or the programs.

Operational Manuals

By utilising our pro-forma operational manuals and check lists, all Not-for-Profit organisations can quickly move to Best Practice procedures and operations.

Fraud & Embezzlement

The occurrence of fraud and embezzlement at a Not-for-Profit organisation can be catastrophic as many years of hard work and volunteer time can be destroyed overnight.

Click here to see a list of the minimum procedures and measures which should be in place to reduce the risk of it occurring in your organization.

Branding & Websites

Professional branding and a well-structured and informative website are vital to building capacity and maximising the impact of your organisation.

Many Not-for-Profit organisations “hide their light under a bush” and wonder why it so difficult to raise enthusiasm and interest from the general community.

Proper branding and marketing, and being transparent in all dealings and reporting, will assist with gaining community awareness and engagement.

Use free cloud software such as You Tube and Jing to produce videos and images for your website and emails. Click here to visit our Downloads / Resources page for links to other useful sites.


For the small to medium Not-for-Profit organisation the outsourcing of roles, together with cloud computing software, can vastly improve operations and presence.

Often it is difficult to find a member to take on the arduous role of Treasurer due to the time commitment and/or skills required to complete the role successfully. Outsourcing the accounting function takes the majority of work away from the Treasurer. Also our self-help Treasurer’s Kit supplies the necessary information and skills to keep the Treasurer happy!

XERO is an online accounting software product which will help you control your personal finances.

What Xero Can Do For You:

  • Get your complete financial position in an instant. XERO lets you organise all your bank accounts in one place and automatically tracks your spending for you.
  • Automatically keeps you on top of things XERO automatically categorises your spending and saving, so you can tell whether your money is being used for essentials or you’re splashing out on other things. Interactive graphs make it immediately obvious what’s happening.
  • Designed to work with your lifestyle. If it’s been a tough month, Xero will show you what you need to do to get back on track.
  • Use XERO to keep track of all household spending. Separate reports can be generated showing the spending habits of each partner as well as keeping track of expenses claimed for tax purposes.
  • In addition, XERO can track income and expenses for investment properties
  • Stay in the loop and stay secure. Invite people you trust, such as your spouse or financial advisor, to access Xero for free. They can help you plan ahead and make the most of your money.
  • XERO protects your financial data with 128-bit SSL encryption, the same as online banking, so you can rest assured your data is well protected.

Get to know your money better … XERO is the easiest way to keep track of your personal spending habits and savings goals.

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